Frequently Asked Questions.

What time are picks sent?

Monday through Friday, picks are sent around 3pm Eastern Time in the US. During weekends, picks are sent closer to noon Eastern. On occasion, picks can be sent closer to 5 pm Eastern, due to additional research, or late breaking information.

What's your record?

Our record changes over time. Send an email to to get the most recent update.

I can't call to confirm my order, Can I just email you?

Yes, but please email us your phone number. In case our emails don’t reach you, a phone number is the best alternative.

How do I cancel?

Simply email your cancellation request to

How does your unit system work?

James’ picks vary between 1 and 4 units each. To find your unit size, simply divide your bankroll by 100. 1 unit equals 1% of your bankroll.

You can also login to the members area, click on settings, and enter your current bankroll amount. Once entered, our system will calculate exactly how much we recommend you risk per pick.

What Sports Book do you use?

Locally I prefer the Palms in Las Vegas.

Should I buy points?

On games that don’t include specific instructions about buying points, email or text us (; 702-979-4410). James is always happy to offer his opinion.

Why haven't I received my picks, I paid earlier?

There are two reasons you may have not received picks.

1) You may have purchased the system after the daily email was sent.

2) You may have not confirmed your email address. In either case, simply email and we will get you setup.

If I buy now, will I get tonight's pick?

The earlier you buy, the more likely you’ll get today’s pick. The later you buy, the less likely you’ll get today’s pick.

What's the difference between Premium members and Syndicate?

Our Premium members receive picks made for the smaller player, those who wager between $5 and $200 per game. Our Syndicate plays use an aggressive strategy tailor made for those with large bankrolls. If you wager at least $200 per game, you may qualify to join our Syndicate. Call 1-800-995-2518 for more details.

If Premium are your best picks, why do you have the Syndicate?

Our premium picks are best for those who wager less per game. If you prefer a more aggressive strategy and have a large enough bankroll to justify the investment, our Syndicate is best for you. If you wager less than $200 per game, you should grow your bankroll before becoming more aggressive. The best way to grow your small to moderate bankroll is to bet James’ Premium Picks.

How much does Syndicate Cost?

The Syndicate is an elite group of investors and only those who qualify may join. To learn more, call 1-800-995-2518.

Is this a progression system?

No, the Premium Service are simply good plays that give you the best odds worth betting. Each pick comes with a suggestion of how many units you should play. Unit suggestions vary between 1 and 4. 1 unit equals 1% of your bankroll.

How can I get the games texted to me?

After you’ve purchased our picks, send an email to with the number you’d like the picks texted to.

Where's my downloadable System?

All of James’ systems come in the form of emailed picks. Each email will contain instructions on how to go about placing your wager. If you’d like further explanation of how the system works, just ask James himself by emailing